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Our Controls Philosophy

The increasing demands of the control industry have become quite amazing for even the smallest processes. While the automation demands can be met, the process engineers (owners) have to be able to maintain and modify their systems accordingly.  CSI understands the owner's/end-user needs for ease of maintenance, our core staff started out as process engineers.

We have experienced competing integrator's that provide the client with software that is either proprietary or limited in capabilities or functionality. This misapplied automation functionality equates to hidden costs being passed to the customer by limited functionality of the equipment and production loss. To fully utilize the capabilities of the equipment, most clients have to return to the original integrator and pay for their control system to be reprogrammed, again and again.

 CSI has addressed this industry wide issue by providing the following:

  • Our PLC programs are completely modular using equipment modules and control modules
  • Equipment modules can be used independently or phased for recipes (S88 compliant)
  • PLC code is completely documented with rung comments, symbols, and descriptions provided to the end user
  • Recipes (if applicable) can be configured by the user for numerous products
  • Sequences can be reconfigured easily to allow process tuning
  • Complete flexibility providing efficient ROI for the life cycle of the project

The CSI strategy provides equipment that can be easily modified by the user, not reprogrammed by an integrator! This provides our clients with the proper tools to commission and validate their equipment quickly and continually refine their process. If you would like your process to be flexible and extremely cost efficient, call CSI to discuss your requirements.


Our Mission

is dedicated to providing strategic solutions for our clients allowing them to achieve maximum efficiency in minimum time. Our projects are engineered to be maintained and upgraded by the end user. We are a proactive company providing cost effective solutions for our clients. This is our mission!

Company Profile

was formerly a subsidiary of Cain Electric of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Established in 1967, Cain Electric continued to expand the controls division through 2003. Due to the large volume of controls work, CSI became it's own entity.
CSI engineers are backed with 200+ years combined experience
CSI personnel are required to attend a minimum of 4 training/university classes per year to provide our clients the  latest technologies available.


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