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CSI provides off-the-shelf  solutions for various needs. Every product can be tailored to your specific requirements and specifications.

Some of our products include:


Multi-Layer Physical Data Protection

SafeWorX is an integrated system (appliance) providing multiple levels of hardware and software protection layers to eliminate the loss or misappropriation of data. The SafeWorX system appears to be a normal computer server or storage device in both looks and common functionality.  Looks can be deceiving, as SafeWorX provides hard drive level encryption and the capability to physically destroy the hard drives if required to protect your data!

 Please visit our SafeWorX  page for additional detailed information.


Data Center SCADA/EMS/Historian

DataWorX provides a turn-key solution for any data center to go green. This comprehensive approach allows for the monitoring, managing and reduction of the carbon footprint of the data center. DataWorX  provides full KPI functionality utilizing OSISoft PI data historian and optional PI modules. As this product is 100% OPC compliant, integration with your existing hardware is built-in. Standard protocols include SNMP, OPC, DNP, TCPIP, SNTP, XML and HTTP.

Bottom line: Less carbon = reduced energy costs = greater efficiency = greater profit.

 Please visit our DataWorX  page for additional detailed information.


Rated System Path Methodology Working For You

RSPWorxTM provides the transmission and distribution markets a flexible tool that provides unparalleled data calculations and model comparisons in real time. This allows for immediate situational awareness of grid conditions, including recommended corrective procedures using historical models. For entities based on the Rated System Path Methodology, RSPWorx is your answer for increased reliability, thermal compliance and maximum capacity.

Bottom line: Compliance can be met

 Please visit our RSPWorX  page for additional detailed information.





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CSI is fluent in S88, 21-CFR, 29-CFR, Gamp, gmp, Cgmp, NERC, FERC, CIP and WECC.

Modular manufacturing  is the key to providing our clients with cutting edge systems which provides a long life cycle.
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