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CSI provides the following services:


Project Management

Automation Consulting


Engineering Specifications

Network Architecture

Drawings & Diagrams


 Please visit our Engineering Services page for additional detailed information.


  Instrumentation & Controls 

CSI's I&C Team offers troubleshooting, implementation, calibration, consulting, and complete field services and repair.  

 Please visit our I&C Services page for additional detailed information.


  Calibration and Preventative Maintenance Consulting 

Let CSI assist you in establishing an in-house calibration and preventative maintenance program designed for your specific process. CSI will thoroughly analyze your process and equipment to determine the most effective solution to minimize down time on the plant floor.  

Please visit our Calibration & PM  page for additional detailed information.

  Process Consulting 

Under Construction


  Automation Services 


       CSI provides complete automation integration services. Design/Program an entire project or troubleshoot your existing ones, we have the experience and proven projects that demonstrate our capabilities.

         Please visit our Automation Services page for additional detailed information.


  Panel Shop 

      CSI maintains state of the art panel fabrication facilities that are UL-508 and ISO-9001 compliant.

       Please visit our Panel Shop page for additional detailed information.


  Forensics For The FDA 

      The newest addition to CSI services is applying forensics technology for backing up your hardware and    software. The forensics technology provides a digital verification that can be validated.

       Please visit our Forensic Services page for additional detailed information.


  Customized Training 

      CSI provides customized training that is specifically tailored to each client's needs. CSI will match your training to your process and your software. 

       Please visit our Training page for additional detailed information.


  Field Services 

CSI offers complete field services for electrical, instrumentation, calibration, troubleshooting, and maintenance.


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CSI is fluent in S88, 21-CFR, 29-CFR, Gamp, gmp, Cgmp,

Modular manufacturing  is the key to providing our clients with cutting edge systems which provides a long life cycle.
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