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  Biotech / Pharmaceutical 

Biotech client  in Oregon - This project required custom code modules to be integrated within the existing Cimplicity SCADA system. The client had unique requirements for user interaction with various software packages while maintaining the existing security rights and policies including 21-CFR-Part 11 compliance. CSI wrote Perl and .NET applications that limits the users control for navigation, switching applications, etc.. while in an Explorer window or an IE browser. These modules allow the users to perform activities as specified by their group security policies within the SCADA system, not Windows.

Biotech client  in California - Provided a turnkey solution for a train of 5 each 20L fermentors (bioreactors) including 21-CFR-Part 11 compliance, IFIX, RSView SE, OSI PI, Alarm Paging, Reports, and CLX PLC programming.

Pharmaceutical client  in Arizona - Provided design specifications for 4 CIP systems.

Pharmaceutical client  in Colorado - This project was to implement a redundant OPC based alarm callout/paging system including 21-CFR-Part 11 compliance. The existing RSLinx application was used as the OPC server, and the RSView32 SCADA provided the alarm database template. CSI modified the database to work with our software. By using the existing software and applications, this Messenger application was delivered for less than $3000.00! 

Biotech client  in California - This project started as upgrades and enhancements to the functionality of the Fedegari Autoclaves. Upon completion of Phase 1, the Fedegaris were converted to the Cimplicity SCADA system including 21-CFR-Part 11 compliance.

Pharmaceutical client  in California - This project was to implement Crystal Reports 2008 into an existing Historian SQL database for weekly reporting requirements. A total of 56 reports were implemented. The Intellution SCADA was modified to allow user interaction with Crystal Reports while maintaining desktop security.

Biotech client  in California - Project requirements included IFIX 4.5 development and CLX PLC programming for several utility packages. This project required complete equipment and application redundancy and 21-CFR-Part 11 compliance. The utilities implemented within this project were WFI, AWFI, HWFI, Pure Steam, Primary and Secondary DI, Mixed Gases, Gas Monitoring, BMS, Fire Control, Automatic Transfer Switches, UPS systems, and Generators.  The system included redundant SCADA servers, dual iHistorian servers, redundant networks, and redundant PLCs.

Pharmaceutical client  in Colorado - Programmed a train of 6 each 45L fermentors (bioreactors) including 21-CFR-Part 11 compliance, IFIX, IHistorian, Alarm Paging, Crystal Reports, and PLC programming.

Pharmaceutical client  in California - Turnkey solution for a mobile CIP (Clean In Place) skid which included 25 individual recipes and 128 paths using IFIX with a CLX processor. A secured wireless Draft N network was implemented to allow complete mobility.

Biotech client  in California - Project required the conversion of an existing RSView SE project to Intellution 4.0 (IFIX). The client had serious stability issues with the RSView SE system originally installed by Rockwell Automation. Our client had to have a reliable emergency backup SCADA system to prevent losing a batch when RSView SE crashed. CSI converted all graphics, alarms and tagnames to IFIX. The IFIX server was an old P3 1000mHz provided by the client, while the RSView SE system was on several P4 servers.  Using the IGS driver, we added the IFIX server to the existing Rockwell network. Initial startup showed the IGS driver to be extremely efficient compared to RSLinx, and the IFIX updated 10 times faster than RSView SE (using the exact same network). Additionally, the IFIX server has not required a reboot since installed while RSView SE continues to crash. GE Fanuc is currently writing a white paper for this project due to it's success.

Pharmaceutical client  in California - This project features an RSView SE project  providing 100% redundancy/hot standby. This project featured 15 PLCs (mixed between CLX, PLC 5/80 and SLC-505), and a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Historian.  We Rock very Well !

Biotech client  in California - Project included programming of an Intellution SCADA system and Allen-Bradley CLX's to control a new fermentation system. The client requirements included engineering, complete documentation, development, panels, programming, validation, and CQ.

Biotech client in Spain - RSView project that provided a total manufacturing solution for clinical grade pharmaceuticals. This project included 12 areas and S88 compliant Batch Control. Phase logic implemented with control modules provided the flexibility for future upgrades at minimal costs.

Biotech client  in California - Project included programming of Intellution SCADA system and Allen-Bradley PLC504 and PLC5/30 to control a new WFI (water for injection) system. The client requirements included tying the existing system into the new WFI loop, validation, and CQ.

Biotech client  in California  - Project required replacement of an antiquated hardwired relay panel, redesigning of the compressed air controls, and reprogramming of the Allen-Bradley PLC5/80 to automate the utility air compressors. Upon completion of wiring and local testing, CSI modified the Cimplicity SCADA to allow complete automated control, lead/lag,  reporting, and custom alarm modules.

Biotech client  in California  - Project included adding new I/O points to the existing PLC program to provide acid wash capabilities to the GPMF CIP skids. Upon completion of the PLC testing, CSI modified the Intellution SCADA System to allow control and alarm functions.

Biotech client  in California  - Project included reprogramming a new vendor supplied pure water generation system. The client required additional functionality and controls to meet the FDA requirements for the clinical use area. Hardware included a SLC504 and a PanelView HMI.

Biotech client  in California   -    Services included programming various Intellution packages, Foxboro AI DCS, and Allen Bradley PLCs. This was a blanket contract to assist the automation group with their needs using contracted engineering services. This included ACAD drawings, validation, engineering submittals, custom interface modules, and maintenance work orders.



Large Chip Producer in Ireland - Contracted to troubleshoot and repair alarming issues and RSMessenger failures in the Fab. The project included RSView SCADA and RSMessenger.

Large Chip Producer in Arizona - Contracted to program FMS (Facilities Management System) using Cimplicity SCADA, MS SQL Database, and AB PLC 5/80 for all utility systems in a semiconductor fabrication facility.

Flash Memory Manufacturer in New Mexico - Troubleshoot and reprogram existing Wonderware Factory Suite 2000 application.

Flash Memory Manufacturer in Colorado - Program and commission FMS (Facilities Management System) air handlers, chillers, and generator controls.

Large Chip Producer in Washington - Services included the design and programming of the Wonderware SCADA for the gas distribution system. Highlights of system included interfacing 24 TCP touch screens to the existing SCADA system.

Large Chip R&D Facility in Texas - Services included designing an  Intellution SCADA system for the hazardous gas handling systems. This client is currently one of the largest Intellution based facilities in the world, with 24 active SCADA masters (servers), and 280 view nodes (clients). Highlights of this system included using custom control functions designed exclusively for the client by Intellution.


  Power / CoGen 

Smart Grid Architecture and Engineering - CSI has performed as a Subject Matter Expert for 4 different clients for the analysis and design to upgrade their existing legacy systems to be Smart Grid compliant. Requirements ranged from basic wire mesh network designs, site studies, AMI implementation, and interfacing OSI PI with SAP.

Solar Project in Arizona - Project required integrating several remote sites with OSI PI WebParts to provide the client a web based portal for viewing available data and compliance reports.

Electrical Provider in California - Smart Grid Project for a large utility. This project is separated into 8 distinct phases. Phase 1 was creating the requirements and 'use' cases for the project life cycle to include Functional Requirement Specifications, User Requirement Specications and SDLC. Phase 2 was completed with the design/ architecture for a complete wireless mesh network GIS system including AMI functionality. The design included OSIsoft PI as the database with the PI AMI interface to communicate with the Head End System. This system is a compliant ESRI  mesh network which is scheduled to replace the existing Back Haul. Phase 3 for this project is currently in commissioning mode. Phase 3 included T&D asset management, client web interface, integrating existing IEDs, Iconics SCADA/EMS, Utility Gateway for SAP, and OSI PI notifications. Phase 4 is currently in design and this phase includes alarm management, SAP integration, reports, and automated predictive &preventive maintenance modules. Phase 5 is next and this is the modeling used for dispatcher training, operational studies, transmission loading, power flow, transient stability, post transient voltages, external disturbances, resonance, short circuitry, transfer availability/capability, reactance, and transmission outage planning

Electrical Provider in Arizona - This project required implementing RSView32 for a standalone power system which spanned 30 miles. The system featured 5 RSView32 Works stations, each one being a completely standalone application. Any system modifications are performed on the engineering workstation, then automatically pushed to all of the HMIs via the dedicated T1 network. When an alarm is acknowledged on one HMI, the other HMIs automatically acknowledge it and update their status. Due to the remote and rugged conditions, the client wanted an application that could be run as a standalone with no server requirements involved. Additional interfacing included SEL relays with a Modbus interface.

Electrical Provider in Arizona - Project responsibilities included upgrading OSI PI and interfacing with Foxboro, GE Mark VI, and RTE for historical data to be captured in PI. OSIsoft OPC interfaces were used to complete all project requirements including legacy data from Unix based systems.

Solar Farm in Arizona - Project required comprehensive site survey to determine the security compliance requirements based on NIST SP 800-82 and ISA 99. CSI served as Subject Matter Experts for the SCADA/EMS compliance portion.

California Telecomm Client - Project included programming redundant Quantum PLCs with Modicon Concept using the Function Block diagram (FBD) language. This project provided complete generator control functions (4 Caterpillar 2.5 mW) for the trans-pacific switching station.

Federal Facility - Services included the development and programming of the Factory Link SCADA System to monitor all sub-stations, generators and transfer switches. Custom report modules and interface modules were required due to the different protocols involved. In the event of a power failure, the SCADA system would transfer either utility or generator power to the area that had failed, and post the information on the company WAN.

Federal Facility - Services included the design/production/programming of a Modicon 984-120 to replace the existing Landis & Gyr RTUs for the high voltage system. The existing RTUs could not provide the existing SCADA with the required protocol for transferring data. This project allowed the existing SCADA system to display the substations, switchgear and transfer switch status.

Electrical Provider in California - Project basis was cyber security analysis of an existing EMS/RTU/SCADA system backbone of a power utilities company. The client required assessment and documentation of the system architecture to define and limit the Attack Surface Area and establish a security protocol.

Solar Farm in California - Project management with scope of complete centralized SCADA system utilizing RTUs and field IEDs. Project completed with 100% compliance with NERC and NIST standards.

Wind Farm in California - Developed proprietary SCADA/EMS applications and delivered NERC compliant solution.


  Water / Wastewater 

Oregon Wastewater Client - Project included the electrical design/engineering for a radio controlled loadout system. CSI constructed the panels and programmed the Allen-Bradley PLC/580 and the Panelview 1000 touchscreens (object oriented).

Utah Wastewater Client - Project included the electrical design/engineering for a radio controlled dispensing system. CSI constructed the panels and programmed the Allen-Bradley PLC/580 and the Panelview 1000 touchscreens.

California Freshwater Client -  Services included programming the Factory Link SCADA system and the Modicon PLCs. Highlights of this system included radio telemetry communications from remote well sites to the plant, and Web-client (HTML/ASP) for internet access to the SCADA system.

Idaho Wastewater Client - Services included Allen Bradley PLC-5 PLC programming using RSLogix5 for a sludge dispensing system.  Highlights of this system included Toshiba radio telemetry communications for the load-out system, and multiple BCD displays using a common data bus and individual strobes over AB Remote I/O.

California Wastewater Client - Services included the design and programming of the Factory Link SCADA system and Modicon PLC programming. Highlights of system included interfacing 2 Lucas Deeco (object oriented) touch screens to the SCADA system with 16 PLCs providing control functions.

California Wastewater Client - Services included programming/commissioning the Factory Link SCADA system. This project included a hybrid network that interfaced seven (7)  SCADA masters with 32 Windows based MIS terminals for viewing.  Additional services included designing the Modicon PLC architecture/programming.


  Chemical / Steel 

International Airport Client -   Services included the development of the RSView SE control system and modular programming of the CLX processors for a fuel hydrant delivery system. This project also included RSSQL, SQL, and custom report modules.

California Chemical Client - Programming services included modifications to the calciner kiln to allow acid injection for cesium pellets. This project included panel design/fabrication,  programming Xycom touchscreens, Quantum PLC programming and a custom MES interface.

California Steel Client -  Services included the design and programming of a acid wash skid based on Allen Bradley SLC504 PLCs using a PanelMate HMI (character based graphics). This project was a prototype skid developed for cleaning rolled steel. The highlights of this project included using multiple cascaded PID loops for acid dispensing.

California Chemical Client -  Project included upgrading this facility from  Modicon 584's to Quantum TSX with remote I/O. In addition to the upgraded PLCs, CSI also installed/programmed five (5) Xycom 3300 ACT touch screens using bridge mux’s for the Modbus+ network. The HMI's were housed in a custom built NEMA 4X panel built in our shop.

Pipeline Client -  Services included development and implementation of a custom GUI (Visual Basic program) and Modicon PLCs for a concentrate pipeline. The Visual Basic program allowed a custom user interface utilizing a SQL database and Modbus protocol.

Gasoline Pipeline Client -   Services included  programming and commissioning the Intellution SCADA system and GE 90/70 PLCs for a gas feed pipeline requiring cut-over for different grades from the tank farm to port.


  Cement / Minerals 

California Cement Client -  Services included installation and programming for a PanelMate 3300  and a Modicon 984 PLC. This project replaced hard wired relay logic control for the discharge gates at the truck loading facility with a fully automated control system.

California Cement Client -  Developed SCADA, Historian and PLC programs for production facility using RSView32, RSHistorian, and SLC505 PLCs. Integrated weigh scales, tariff tickets, security cameras, and environmental monitoring into the SCADA.

Nevada Gold Mine Client -  Services included programming/commissioning the Modicon PLCs and Factory Link SCADA system for gold production. The Modicon PLC system consisted of 19,800 real IO points, and 600,000 database tags. Other features included hot standby and redundant networks.  Additional requirements included developing Visual Basic & Crystal Report modules to provide real time trending and reporting.



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