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CSI offers a complete in-house systems integration department. From the initial concept through validation, we have the experience to make your project a success.

Automation Experience :

SCADA/HMI services have successfully included RSView SE / ME, RSView32, PanelBuilder,  Intellution, Wonderware, Lab View, FactoryLink, Concept, Cimplicity, TCP, Xycom, Custom VB applications, and Citect. CSI has successfully converted various legacy systems for numerous clients.

PLC programming projects have included Siemens, Koyo, Omron, Toshiba, Modicon, Quantum, GE 90 series, AB PLC5, SLC, Pyramid Integrator, CLX and PLX

Database programming includes Access, FoxPro, OSIsoft PI, MSSQL, RSSQL, SQL, Oracle and DBase4

Batch programming includes RSBatch and iBatch S88 compliant systems. Custom VB based batch applications for non-S88 compliant systems built on demand

Golden Batch is a CSI software module using XCelcius and Crystal Reports to provide the end user the tools to monitor all batches and run comparisons to the proverbial 'Golden Batch' (this would be from a previous batch that was considered the perfect model).

Historian programming includes iHistorian, OSI PI, and RS Historian

Remote Monitoring includes Terminal Services, RS Portal and iPortal

Custom modules written on an as needed basis. Our coders include Perl, .Net, Ruby, CSS, PHP, JAVA, HTML, C++, Python, Linux and Unix

Due to our heavy involvement in the Bio-Pharm arena, we consider S88, GAMP 4 and 21-CFR-Part 11 compliance a baseline standard for all of our Bio-Pharm projects

Automation Services


CSI will design the correct programming structure for your project. Our design will provide the correct modular design to allow the PLC, SCADA, and database structures to have a common format. This allows quicker programming, testing, and validation. The long range benefit is to the end user who has to maintain the system. By providing a common model, the learning curve is significantly reduced and the information flow is easier to follow.   


CSI will provide programming at any level, from a complete project to troubleshooting a competitor's program. We have a dedicated team that follows a project from start to finish. We do not try to do the 'bait and switch' of the proven engineers assigned to your project (like our largest competitor in the automation industry).  


CSI engineers come equipped with numerous years of start-up experience. We do not break under pressure, we thrive on it! If you have a fast track start-up, call us and we will provide additional engineers to meet your deadline.

Field Services

Our field services division provides you with the coverage you need to assure a successful project completion. We have passports and we like to use them!


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21-CFR-Part 11
If 21-CFR compliance is required, we are your source. From the e-signature to the historical archive, CSI can implement your solution.

Remote Views
Proficy Portal provides the latest technology for remote monitoring of your trends, information and reports from any location using your Internet Explorer browser.
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