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Once again, CSI's forward thinking has found a new use for existing technology, computer forensics. CSI provides duplicated hard drives for our cient's HMI's and SCADA computers. In case of a catastrophic failure of a hard drive, our clients can simply swap out the failed drive with our cloned drive, eliminating serious downtime of the equipment.

With the majority of our clients being FDA regulated, the rules of validation are always present. How do you legally prove the cloned drive is an exact duplicate to the FDA and the validation department? This is where forensics enters the picture.

 Our competition relies on Norton Ghost and other various software packages to clone/copy, but they cannot legally provide a true validation of the new drive. Our approach provides the legal documentation that verifies every sector has been copied on a sector-by-sector basis. Once the drive has finished the cloning process, our equipment compares both hard drives by examining sectors, files and partitions. Once the comparison passes, a digital signature (called a HASH) is generated. This signature verifies the cloned drive is an exact duplicate of the original.

Features :

Our equipment provides non-tampering drive capture  to ensure bit-for-bit accuracy, guaranteeing zero chance of alteration or deviation between the original and the new hard drive

The image capture is compatible, and may be analyzed with FTK, Encase, or ILOOK forensics software

Our unidirectional, forensically sound cloning tools are known for their duplication accuracy and legal reliability

Transfer speeds of 4 GB per minute allow for extremely fast duplication

Our tools are compatible with USB pen drives, SmartCards, SCSI, SATA, PATA, IDE, EIDE, and Ultra DMA drives

Our tools are the same ones used by the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, IRS, INS, DEA, and ATF. This is how they provide evidence drives in c=the court system. This proves the legal reliability of our equipment!

Benefits :

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a drive failure, you can restore your equipment in the time it takes to swap out your hard drive. In a validated environment, you would have to revalidate the equipment functionality prior to meeting FDA requirements to start production again. Using our services, the drive has been previously validated and production can begin immediately!

Search a hard drive for specific keywords

Once a drive has been cloned, you can search the drive for specific keywords. Find out if your trade secrets are being distributed to unauthorized persons, or your personnel are violating company email policies. The law enforcement groups search for keywords like drugs, terrorist, bomb, sex, gun, and murder on hard drives that were covertly cloned.

I.T. Backups

Due to the fast transfer speed of 4 GB per minute, we can provide a certified backup for any hard drive on any computer. If you require a lot of PCs that require the same software load, we can save you time. After the first PC is ready, we will clone the drive and provide you with documentation that verifies the integrity of the cloning. After that, we simply clone every other PC with the verified image. Every PC will be verified for integrity, assuring you of a successful backup/restore.

Forensics Background :

  There are times in life when law enforcement agencies had to covertly copy hard drives (called suspect drives) to search for cyber evidence. The cloning had to be done fast and leave no clues as to the hard drive being tampered with. Once cloned, they would search the cloned drive (called evidence drive) for various information. In the event they found evidence that was to be legally admissable, they also had to verify the integrity of the cloned drive. The judicial system required a 'fingerprint' that guarantees the integrity of the information had not been tampered with and would be an exact match to the original drive.
Due to the strict judicial requirements, various hardware and software vendors started developing products targeted at the forensics market.

One of our clients posed the question of how would he validate his spare hard drives for the FDA. Most of the usual backup software provided little if any tools that would pass the scrutiny of the FDA. Now, CSI had to find a solution that was legally accepted by our government. As usual, we are always thinking out of the 'proverbial' box, and decided to apply the forensics technology into our automation systems. Our clients are legally validated!


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Are you prepared for recovering from computer hard drive failures? How would you validate your new drive after recovery? How much time will it take to reload your hard drive from scratch?

Call CSI and we will show you how to save time and money using our forensic services.

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