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Are you tired of the generic training programs that do not train your personnel for real world troubleshooting? Are your personnel training at a remote location from your facility leaving you vulnerable to process interruptions?

CSI tailors training programs for your personnel on your specific process. We use your code and applications to write your training requirements. Save time and money by targeting your training to your process.

Training Services :

OSIsoft PI Training includes PI Admin 1&2, ProcessBook, Excel Add-in, WebParts, AF Server and more.

SCADA Training available for graphics, coding, objects, database, alarms and any custom objects or coding included in your system.

PLC Training available at various levels of experience for your system.

Database Training available for all database platforms.

Training manuals usually includes detailed instructions and flowcharts for troubleshooting your system.

Hands-on lab exercises at your facility, your application, your process!



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