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Data Center SCADA/EMS/Historian

DataWorX provides a turn-key solution for any data center to go green. This comprehensive approach allows for the monitoring, managing and reduction of the carbon footprint of the data center. DataWorX  provides full KPI functionality utilizing OSISoft PI data historian and optional PI modules. As this product is 100% OPC compliant, integration with your existing hardware is built-in. Standard protocols include SNMP, OPC, DNP, TCPIP, SNTP, XML and HTTP.


DataWorX™ features include: 

  • Complete monitoring and control functionality for the entire data center
  • OISSoft Data Historian utilizing OSI OPC intergaces
  • KPI dashboard
  • 1 click pre-defined reports
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • SNMP interface for IT assets


Monitoring and Control

 CSI uses sophisticated monitoring and control software that keeps a constant check on the critical and non-critical assets of your facility. Additionally, all IT assets (switches, routers, etc.) are constantly monitored to detect any anomalies occurring in the system.

 General monitoring/control features include the following: 

  • Dedicated data center HMI(s)
  • Energy management system
  • Power monitoring system
  • Environment condition monitoring
  • Safety system monitoring & evaluation
  • Predictive simulation
  • Sequence of events
  • Protection scheme
  • Load preservation & restoration
  • Fault tolerant architecture
  • UPS system monitoring & control
  • Full spectrum electrical distribution analysis
  • Distributed redundancy & high availability
  • Real-time system reliability assessment
  • Real-time imaging
  • Failure mode assessment

 Instant alerts are generated at preset warning levels so that any issues are identified early, before they have a chance to impact data center performance. In the event of an alert, the CSI solution can automatically page, send text messages and email to the appropriate personnel for that particular condition. System viewing and interaction can be provided over any wireless capable device (iPod, Blackberry, Palm, Smart Phone), thin clients, thick clients, and TS clients.


Data Center Models

 The CSI solution utilizes OSIsoft PI™ data historian software and OSI modules. OISsoft PI™ provides data used for data models and KPI analysis.  

The PI based data models provide the following benefits:

  • Allow for minimized downtime for predictive/preventive maintenance
  • KPI monitoring for all critical and non-critical equipment
  • Analyze alarms and failures for root/cause analysis
  • Optimize the efficiency of cooling systems
  • Maximize the utilization of computing space
  • Extend the life of computing equipment
  • Provide inter-operability between software and communication protocols
  • Plan future IT growth
  • Becoming a green data center


Energy Efficiency

 The monitoring and control solution provides you with the control and information required to provide the following efficiencies immediately: 

  • Remote power on/off  control
  • Server and rack temperature measurements for automatic temperature compensation
  • Energy usage by device, rack, zone, system, department or customer
  • Energy cost billback reports
  • Tracking efficiency of energy improvements
  • Automatic tracking of any changes to the carbon footprint
  • Reports based on system, sub-system or asset


Energy Calculations

 Benchmarking your data center's energy efficiency is a key first step towards reducing power consumption and related energy costs. Benchmarking enables you to understand the current level of efficiency in a data center, and as you implement additional efficiency best practices, it helps you gauge the effectiveness of those efficiency efforts. The CSI solution provides for the following automatic calculations: 

  • CADE - Corporate Average Data center Efficiency
  • PUE – Power Usage Effectiveness
  • DCiE – Data Center infrastructure Efficiency
  • DCP - Data Center Productivity
  • DCeP - Data Center energy Productivity




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