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Multi-Layer Physical Data Protection

 In today’s economic business environment, your proprietary and confidential digital data provides the baseline for your survival. This information can span from simple business contact information, internal email, reports, research to proprietary batch recipes.  This data has to be protected from your competitors and other outside parties at every level.


SafeWorX features include: 

  • Data encryption at the hardware level meeting all NIST standards
  • Data encryption at the software level meeting all NIST standards
  • Additional asset protection based on GIS and physical location
  • Hard drive lock upon power down requiring encrypted password for unlock
  • Automatic data destruction upon intrusive attack
  • Multiple hard drive destruction levels based upon pre-defined user settings (security, panic alarm, theft, hardware intrusion, etc.)
  • Complete electronic destruction upon request
  • Destroyed data cannot be recovered by a forensics lab
  • Provides additional encrypted data storage for existing infrastructures
  • Minimized IT interaction to maintain system passwords and SOX compliance
  • Embedded Operating System encrypted within an Operating System which cannot be detected
  • Retention of care, custody and control to include certification and defendable audit trail


What is SafeWorX?


SafeWorX is an integrated system (appliance) providing multiple levels of hardware and software protection layers to eliminate the loss or misappropriation of data. The SafeWorX system appears to be a normal computer server or storage device in both looks and common functionality.  

The appliance can be built into existing cases for mass storage arrays, servers, NAS or SAN devices. CSI modifies the OEM units to provide the SafeWorX functionality without altering the external appearance of the original unit. This provides the integrated look required to not draw unnecessary attention from unscrupulous competitors, hackers, and disgruntled employees.

 The SafeWorX appliance houses the hard drives your proprietary data resides on. Any combination of drives and RAID configurations are available for use. The hard drives provided with SafeWorX can be SATA, IDE, SCSI or SAS at the user’s preference.  

All hard drives will be of the self-encrypting type to automatically secure and erase data in milliseconds. With the encryption residing at the hardware level, this provides protection for important data in the event of theft or loss.

 In the event the equipment is removed or powered down to try to gain access, the hard drives are configured to automatically enter the lock state upon powering up. The lock state requires an encrypted password prior to unlocking the drive for normal operation.  

Additionally, the hard drives provide instant secure erase (cryptographic erase for making the data non-readable). Cryptographic erase simply replaces the encryption key inside the encrypted drive, making it impossible to ever decrypt the data (which was encrypted with the deleted key). 

Using either of these methods produces unrecoverable data by any forensics lab.


Additional hardware is included that will allow the drives to be degaussed (basically e-nuked) upon triggering, even if the unit is powered down.  This provides for additional physical levels of loss prevention and security. As this is the last line of defense, it is very detrimental to the equipment for a reason. In other words, this unit will electronically self-destruct upon triggering. The equipment can be replaced, your data cannot!

 The self-destruct triggering is based on definable actions and/or events such as: 

  • Removal of the unit from a defined location

  • Incorrect password attempts

  • Illegal boot procedures to bypass encryption

  • Unauthorized intrusion of the SafeWorX chassis/case

  • Remote activation by authorized personnel

  • Hard-wired panic button

  • Integrated into building security system

  • Events (based on stored procedures)

  • Numerous trigger options outside of those listed here


The hardware described above protects your data when the system is powered down, rebooted, or triggered. While running, SafeWorX provides additional layers of software security to control user interaction.

Our mission:

Eliminate your proprietary & confidential data loss to outside parties while providing secure data retention for your organization.



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