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Rated System Path Methodology Working For You!

 RSPWorxTM provides the transmission and distribution markets a flexible tool that provides unparalleled data calculations and model comparisons in real time. This allows for immediate situational awareness of grid conditions, including recommended corrective procedures using historical models. For entities based on the Rated System Path Methodology, RSPWorx is your answer for increased reliability, thermal compliance and maximum capacity.

RSPWorxTM provides complete system interaction with existing EMS/DCS/SCADA control systems, along with reading/writing to any RDBMS compliant database. Additionally, any OPC compliant device can interact with RSPWorx, along with Synchropasor PMUs. Proprietary database interaction is available upon request.


RSPWorxTM features include: 

  • Meets NERC/FERC/CIP requirements
  • Meets WECC requirements including TOP-007-WECC-1

  • Supports system operations/analysis utilizing Standard MOD-030-02 Flow Gate Methodology
  • Automatic and manual calculations of path limits with N+1 N+9 scenarios for single and multiple events
  • Automatic and manual calculations for Total Transfer Capabilities
  • Automatic and manual calculations for Available Transfer Capabilities
  • Element models that are user configurable (Owner, Device, Location,  etc.)
  •  Built-in audit trail for compliance

  • Remote alarm notification includes email, pager, cell phone, text message and instant messaging
  • Quick comparison of previous calculations vs. current conditions including trend overlays for closest match
  • Calculate future Real Time Path Limits based on historical model data
  • Quick Search allows operations to search based on pre-defined drop-down boxes to find the closest historical model with a click of the mouse
  • Out of Service Equipment Search allows for historical models to be displayed for cause/effect analysis of the path
  • Select/Deselect various elements for cause/effect analysis
  • Utilizes Active Directory Services to provide secure access to data at multiple levels (security level determines which data can be viewed) and meet NERC compliance
  • Automatically generate maintenance requests to external systems such as Maximo
  • Based on the OSIsoft PI System, the absolute best in data historians allowing for 1 million transactions per second!
  • Automatic backup of all historical data
  • Fully redundant PI High Availability architecture prevents data loss


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